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Support Our Troops

Since 2003, our Support Our Troops volunteers have been sending care packages to our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Care packages are sent twice a month with donated items from patriotic people in the community who want to help boost the morale of our troops serving overseas. At any given time we are supporting 100-150 military personnel. In addition to donated items, cash donations are also important to pay for postage. Each care package sent costs $11.95 in postage alone.

Formal Support Our Troops collections take place three times a year, however donations of items and cash are accepted year round. Interested groups can also organize their own Support Our Troops collection with Honor Our Military as the recipient charity.

In addition, if you know of anyone serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, please send us their name, rank and complete mailing address and we will add them to our list of troops that we ship to.

Needed Items:

  •  Metal canned food items – soups, pastas, fruit, salsas, chip dips, beef stew, cheese spreads, tuna and chicken snack kits, nuts.
  • Plastic container foods – peanut butter, raisins, microwaveable foods, individual serving fruit cups.
  • Snack foods – Pringles, pretzels, peanuts, beef jerky, sausage sticks, Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos, snack crackers, breakfast bars, trail mix, energy bars.
  • Other Food Items – powdered drink mix, hard candies, cookies, chewing gum.
  • Hygiene products – shave cream, razors, shampoo, liquid shower soap, hand lotion, deodorant, baby powder, foot powder, lip balm, sunscreen.
  • Games/Recreation – DVDs, CDs, hand held electronic games, AA and AAA batteries, travel sized board games, current magazines.
  • Miscellaneous – socks.

Items must be non-perishable and non-aerosol (cans with rubber plugs in the bottom
of the can are okay). Items in glass containers will not be accepted.

Annual Support Our Troops Collections at the Milwaukee County War Memorial

Valentines for Soldiers – January
Operation Summer Relief – May on Armed Forces Day
Holidays for Heroes – November at the annual Veterans Day Parade


Participate at fundraising events

Assist in the set up and take down of collections and fundraising events

Assist in the transportation of donations

Pack boxes to send to our troops

Assist with shipping of boxes

If you are interested in volunteering with the Support Our Troops division, please e-mail Jeff Bukowski at

Show your support for our Troops! Donate!

Donations of products and cash are needed for shipping.

To donate a product, attend one of our regular collections during the year or organize a collection at your church, school, or business. If you are interested in collecting items for our military personel serving overseas, contact Jeff Bukowski at 414-416-9874 or e-mail:

To donate cash for shipping, fill out the attached donation form and mail it with a check payable to Honor Our Military – Support Our Troops.

Click here to download the donation form (Word Document).